A key ingredient for growing your online presence is web analytics. Gaining insight into how visitors get to your website and what they do when they are there is a vital part of driving revenue.

At Digitally Sociable we go further than just looking at bounce rate, time on site and page views. We will work with you to gain an understanding of your key objecitves, develop relevant goals and KPI's inorder that we can structure a focused, clear measurement model ensuring you are working towards the achievement of your objectives and agreed goals.

Web analytics will enable you to develop insight into visitor data and information pertaining to the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and the usage of your website.

With web analytics you will be gain insight from:

  • Content anlaytics - Which are my most effective web pages?
  • Conversion analytics - How do we drive more conversions?
  • Geographic analytics - Where nationally or internationally do my visitors come from?
  • Mobile analytics - Is the mobile hype true for my business?
  • Social analytics - Are my social media efforts generating a return?
  • Competitor Intelligence - How do I compare with my competitors?

Digitally Sociable offer a cost effective solutions to gaining insight and understanding of your website visitors.